Piemonte has been the Capital region of Italy for many centuries, for this reason it keeps 15 Royal Residences, Unesco World Heritage Site, that perfectly highlight the countryside and the cities and are an artistic and cultural treasure for the whole Europe.

This cultural heritage is made up of Castles, Residences, Historical Gardens and Fortresses and over 400 Museums ranging from The Egyptian Museum in Turin (which houses the world’s second largest collections of Egyptian antiquities after Il Cairo Museum) to the several Contemporary Art Museums, among the most interesting in Europe.

This lively region is also the birthplace of many important Companies and Movement in the field of great food, such as Slow Food, Eataly, University of Gastronomic Sciences, Bank of Wine.
Piemonte is one of the most famous Wine Regions in the world, and it’s famous also for its superb gastronomic specialties such as Truffle, cheeses, chocolate. The heart of Piemonte keeps the enchanting landscapes of the Langhe hills with Barolo and Barbaresco wines as well as the spectacular vineyards of Monferrato, home of the best Italian Sparkling wines.

The Royal Residence of Pollenzo now is the location of: the University of Gastronomic Sciences promoted by Slow Food and the Piemonte region, the Bank of Wine, located in the historical cellars of the Agenzia di Pollenzo, is a centre of storage and refinement for the best wines of Italy. At the same time it is also a museum of Italian wine, offering visitors the chance to discover Italian oenological heritage and to taste the wines from some of the most prestigious wineries. Banca del Vino is host to a museum expanding of over two thousand square meters where you can transverse the Italian oenological landscape, stopping, region by region, tasting the wines that represent its history and terroir.

Many other Royal Residences throughout Piemonte today hosts enchanting relais, surrounded by vineyards and gourmet restaurants.

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