The hills of the Langhe reach in the direction of the Alps with panoramic vistas of intoxicating and captivating beauty. Here, hardworking people have lived for centuries.

This land has now become famous around the world for its extraordinary products: exquisite wines, truffles, cheeses, hazelnuts and the majestic landscape. The rolling vineyards of the Barolo and Barbaresco and the famous terroir that nurtures the Nebbiolo grape are all here. Above the hilltops sit Medieval castles and the houses of Savoy. Excellence is tradition, and gastronomy and wine are celebrated with passion. This is the magnificent goodness of the Langhe in Piemonte.



We propose many different culinary experiences in Piemonte: from private hands on cooking lessons held by a Michelin star chef in his gourmet restaurant hosted in a renowned winery in the Langhe area, to private cooking lessons with the chef a small, intimate relais surrounded by vineyards in the Langhe, from cooking lessons in the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant in a Royal Palace in the countryside near Torino to the private hands on cooking lessons in a farmstead on the softly sloping hills of the Langhe region.

You will prepare some typical Piedmont dishes: raw meat tartare, vitel tonné, vegetable soufflé with fondue, ravioli del Plin, tagliatelle (tajarin), Brasato ( braised meat ) and Bonet ( typical dessert ) and the lunch or dinner will follow.

During you culinary vacation in Piemonte you will taste Piemontese cuisine at the best restaurants, participate to the truffle hunt, you will visit superb wineries and excellent cheese farms, an artisanal cheese producer making D.O.P. Mulassano, and Langhe Tuma, cheeses of the “Alta Langa”.


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