Amalfi Coast & Capri, Campania

Amalfi Coast and Capri are some of the most delectable areas in Italy and we will be glad to let you experience these places at their best.

That area  features  many wonderful places, art treasures and incomparable landscapes such as Naples, Pompei, Caserta, the Amalfi Coast with Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento and the islands of Capri and Ischia. Besides these gems you can also  experience small, still untouched seaside villages.

Places to visit at liberty, slowly, in order to fully enjoy the scenery and the ambiance and also to enjoy the rare beauty of the sea.

The local cuisine is famous for its distinctive ingredients: tomatoes and all the fresh vegetables, the famous mozzarella made from Campanian buffalo milk and the fresh fish.

In Positano, as well as in Ravello and in Naples, it is possible to combine your stay with cooking classes that will allow you to discover the secrets of the local recipes.

The typical artisanal products
The multicolored traditional ceramics of Vietri sul mare as well as  sophisticated ceramic pieces of art . Garments from Positano (“pezze”); Caprese sandals that still today are handmade and custom-made in workshops, and naturally all the typical products of the local gastronomy and wines.

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