Novembre 30, 2013


Tuscany features maybe the best of Italy in one region: art cities of incredible beauty; spectacular countryside of rolling hills, vines, olives, lavender and sunflowers;  tasty […]
Novembre 29, 2013

Amalfi Coast & Capri, Campania

Amalfi Coast and Capri are some of the most delectable areas in Italy and we will be glad to let you experience these places at their […]
Novembre 28, 2013

Lombardia, Milan and Lakes region

Lombardia region keeps some of the most attractive places in Italy such as Como Lake, breathtaking landscapes, ancient noble villas and magnificent gardens, the city of […]
Novembre 27, 2013


One could argue that Sicily has the most unique and varied cultural heritages of all Italian regions paired with magnificent natural beauty: from its dramatic rocky […]
Novembre 26, 2013


This wonderful and almost unknown area of Southern Italy features surprising treasures … such as Baroque Palaces and Churches in Lecce, the mosaics of Otranto, the […]
Novembre 25, 2013

Emilia Romagna

The cities of Emilia Romagna: a circuit of small cities located very near to each other and each extraordinarily rich in artistic treasures, absolutely not to […]
Novembre 24, 2013

Portofino & Cinque Terre, Liguria

Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure have the unique charm of sophisticated Italy at its best,  together with enchanting sea, breathtaking scenery, private villas and lush gardens. Southern Liguria […]
Novembre 23, 2013

Lazio, Rome

Rome is a truly impressive place where one can experience all the past centuries just in a city, often just in one building … and keeps […]
Novembre 22, 2013


Piemonte has been the Capital region of Italy for many centuries, for this reason it keeps 15 Royal Residences, Unesco World Heritage Site, that perfectly highlight […]
Novembre 21, 2013

Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige, Dolomites

There are infinite cultural visits to do thanks to the various historical and artistic elements of this region. VENETO Vicenza and surroundings where Andrea Palladio, the […]
Novembre 20, 2013


Umbria is Italy’s fascinating heart of cultural heritage , natural beauty and is acclaimed for its culinary authenticity and genuineness. Umbria is home to many treasures […]
Novembre 19, 2013

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli region is an historical melting pot of people, languages and traditions ( Roman, Venetian Republic, Mitteleuropean, Mediterranean and Slavic ) and you can find fascinating […]
Novembre 18, 2013


Sardinia, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most beautiful islands of Europe. Shaped by its language and underlying traditions, the amazing cuisine and […]