Stendhal Tours is a boutique travel company founded in 1996, since that year S.T. has established itself as a first class organizer of bespoke luxury arrangements and we are now recognized by many one of the leading experts on bespoke travel and entertaining in Italy.

We conceive, organize and provide personalized assistance for individual as well as group travel experiences at the highest level. Each of our itinerary is unique , we craft every itinerary with care and passion, tailored to the interests and dreams of our travellers .

Our creativity together with our deep knowledge of Italy and attention to every precious detail assure that every client’s trip is an unparalleled experience. Every step of the journey is carefully designed to make you live unforgettable experiences.

We create itineraries with the sole purpose of providing meaningful, exciting, uncommon and life-impacting experiences and encounters.

Whether it is about meeting up with locals, seeking out the true culture by wandering through neighborhoods and countryside , uncovering small museums and hidden masterpieces of art or learning the traditional crafts and languages you will be away from the mass tourism and you will immerse yourself in our culture .

Our team of enthusiastic, multi lingual individuals is devoted to customer service and to orchestrating each and every client’s trip to Italy to perfection.

We believe that travelling should be an unique, exciting and memorable experience, and we aim to provide you with just that.

Alessandra Rocca
Founder, Stendhal Tours