Venezia, Veneto

Venice is know the world over for its unique system of canals and its history as an important maritime power during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

During the Renaissance its wealth and power allowed the city to become one of the most important artistic and cultural capitals of Italy. Today, one can still feel the pride which the Venetians feel about their past. Their culinary tradition is also very rich. Venice finds itself in a fortunate position between the mainland and the sea, with both Northern Italian and foreign influences. Rice, which was introduced by the Arabs, became an important staple of the venetian diet. The abundance of fish available at the local markets every morning is the base ingredient for many seasonal dishes found only in this area such as: seppie col nero (cuttlefish in their ink), sardelle in soar (sardines in onion marinade), caparossoli in cassopipa (clams with parsley) and soft-shell crabs.



Menus are based on the basic principles of both Venetian and Italian Food -simplicity, freshness, tradition, and excellent raw material – which in our opinion are rarely duplicated outside Italy. The hands-on class is held in a private apartment near the Grand Canal, far from the mad crowd of the city center and lasts four hours, lunch included. You will prepare all the dishes of the seasonal menu, and you will interact with the cook about different aspects of the local cuisine. From the dining room you can walk up to a charming roof terrace full of flowers, where you will be offered an aperitif, weather permitting! Among the many specialties, you will have the opportunity to prepare and taste the “Corn meal with boiled baby Shrimps seasoned with Italian dressing” as a starter or “Homemade fresh Noodles with Basil Pesto and Scampi” for first course. You will continue with “Baked stuffed Calamari with Artichoke bottoms”, and end up with “Homemade Fiordilatte Ice Cream” or “Corn meal Cookies for dessert”!



You will meet with your guide-sommelier at the hotel for a fish cooking demonstration and lunch in a restaurant in Laguna. The tour lasts 3 hours, you will start with the visit at the Rialto area, the Fruit and Vegetable market, and the Fish market, definitely the best in terms of variety and freshness. Then your guide will take you across the Grand Canal by a gondola ferry and reach the Cannaregio district, walk to the restaurant where the chef Massimo will show you the fish of the day, according to the season, freshness and availability at the market. You will interact with him and see how fish is cleaned, learn the characteristics of the Lagoon or Mediterranean seafood and the best way to enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients. In order to fully appreciate his unique style, after the tour you will have the chance to taste a menu based on a selection of the best dishes and meet the President of the Rialto Fish mongers who works in the restaurant. The menu created especially for you to be enjoyed after the tour: as a starter you will taste a Mixed Adriatic Seafood dish including Lagoon crab, Baby octopus, Whipped Venetian cod and Shrimps”, followed by “Homemade egg Noodles with Scampi and Peas or Asparagus sauce” and as a main course “Fresh Sea bass fillet with Vegetable Ratatouille”.


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