The Veneto offers the traveler a wide range of attractions, from world famous Venice to the Mountain resorts of the Dolomites, to the spectacular Palladian Villas along the Brenta canal.

The Region was once a separate maritime Republic. The result of the riches and cultural influences which trading had brought to the Veneto region can be seen in the magnificent Villas and gardens still preserved today.

On your garden tour you will visit a spectacular Villa along the Brenta canal which shows a strong French influence with its rolling lawns and carefully laid out parterres. It also has one of Italy’s most famous mazes.

Near Padova you will visit a Villa in the Palladian style which is still owned by the descendants of the original owners. The mother and daughter have personally overseen the restoration of the gardens in recent years. You will stop at a 14th century Castel whose gardens are filled with an abundance of roses and other flowering shrubs and where two modern mazes have been recently built. You will see the Botanical Gardens in Padua, the oldest of their kind, where you can still admire a Chamaerops umilis which was planted in 1585. Leaving Padua on your way to Verona you will visit a Villa on a hilltop with breathtaking views of the valley below. The gardens here are some of the most impressive of all Italy. With ingenious waterworks, 4 meter high boxwood hedges, labyrinth and rabbit island are some of the features of this garden. The current owner is a garden-lover and has spent decades restoring the entire garden meticulously and bringing it back to its original spendor. You will stop at a Villa where the gardens are considered one of the last examples of true Italianate style. The garden, built in 1783 was designed in a period when most gardens were following the English landscape garden design. With it’s citrus garden water features and boxwood parterres, this garden is an homage to the true Italian garden style.