Umbria is acclaimed for its culinary authenticity and genuineness.

The local cuisine is rustic and it truly is from the land, with ingredients like pasta, wild herbs , black and white truffle, olive oil, pork and mushrooms , as well as a range of cured meats.

Umbrian cuisine makes generous use of the herbs that grow in the mountains around the Umbria Valleys, such as rosemary, majoram, wild fennel and sage.

Some of the popular regional pasta dishes include strangozzi, thin hand made spaghetti, and strozzapreti, a short tube-shaped pasta dressed with oil, garlic and tomato.

Norcia, is a town renowned for its pork products: salami, prosciutto and sausages are all produced here. “Norcineria” , the name used all over Italy which means the art of making cured meats , comes from the name of this city.

Another local specialty is minestra di farro, a spelt soup made with onion and cherry tomatoes.

All the dishes are prepared with the famous “Umbrian gold” olive oil, an extra virgin oil produced all over Umbria.



Your private, hands on cooking class will be held by an expert cook who run its own cooking school and will take place in the professional kitchen of a Relais located just few meters from the village of Bevagna. The cook will speak of the importance of selecting the very freshest local and seasonal ingredients. In fact, the menus for the lessons change according to the seasonal availability of these foods. Her recipes are carefully chosen so that they may be prepared once the traveler has returned home, transmitting the culinary tradition of Umbria.


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