Almost all mediterranean civilizations, and many non-mediterranean ones (Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Normanns) have passed through this land leaving important marks on the artistic and culinary patrimony of the area.

As a result, we will discover typical mediterranean dishes such as hand-made pasta along with the Tajeddha and some sweets typical of the Arab culinary tradition.




The cooking school is located in a gorgeous 1600’s Masseria surrounded by the enchanting landscape of the verdant Itria Valley, dotted by white Trulli.

Chefs Mara and Marina run an innovative local gastronomic company focused on the enhancement of the best local products, selected with love and professionalism. Mara and Marina are professional personal chefs and sommelier, they hold private hands on cooking lessons focused on the local cuisine with a modern twist. Their enthusiasm and their love for the local food and traditions will enthrall you!

At the end of the cooking lesson, guest enjoy dinner al fresco in the courtyard of the Masseria together with the chefs.




The cooking lessons are held by the chef of a renowned restaurant in the historical center of Lecce.

The restaurant is situated inside an ancient Villa used for continually changing art exhibits and has become a cultural center of the city. A cocktail in the private garden, recently restored and illuminated by delicate lights in the Villa’s ancient courtyard is one of the highlights of a visit to this unique establishment. The atmosphere is one of perfectly blended antique splendor and modern style and efficiency.

The cooking lesson is run by a fourth generation chef who moved to Lecce after working in and owning many prestigious restaurants in Naples, Capri, Florence, Milan and New York. His origins are Neapolitan which explains his family’s heavy culinary tradition. He was attracted to the beauty of this Baroque city and the availability of fresh produce and fish in the area. He has taken some of the traditional foods of Apulia and given them a new dimension, all dictated by the availability of the freshest meat, fish and vegetables of the day.


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