Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli region is an historical melting pot of people, languages and traditions (Roman, Venetian Republic, Mitteleuropean, Mediterranean and Slavic) and you can find fascinating footprints of all those cultures in the main cities, in the villages as well as in the culinary traditions, in the range of flavors and aromas which enrich all the dishes.

The emblem of Friulian food is still frico (a kind of young Montasio cheese omelette with potatoes and aromatic herbs), with musèt and brovade (sausauge with soured turnip).

Other specialties include cjarsòns (ravioli with a sweet or herb-flavoured filling) and gnocchi di susine (plum gnocchi) from Gorizia, a dish with Mitteleuropean influences, as well as Mitteleuropean style desserts such as gubana (a delicious local speciality, a type of strudel with apples, pine seeds, raisins and grappa from Udine) and Kren.

Friuli region is also home of the superb cheese Montasio and of the legendary San Daniele Ham, the preparation of this unique ham requires a long process with many delicate stages according to ancient tradition, but the real secret is the local climate consisting of the encounter of the cool Alpine currents and the damp Adriatic ones.

Friuli is also home of a unique range of world famous wines such as Vinnaioli, Capo Martino, Miani Bianco, Livio Felluga Terre Alte, Schiopetto Blanc de Roses, Ronco del Gnemiz, Villa Collio Ros Sauvignon and more… A small group of flagship small wine makers coined the name “ Super Whites” for their top wines with reference to the ultra high quality “ Super Tuscans” wines.

You will stay in the heart of Collio area, home of world famous wines and your accommodation will be a country relais, featuring also a superb gourmet restaurant, where you will have your private cooking lessons. You will discover the excellent gastronomic specialties of this less known area of Italy: you will learn about the typical dishes of this particular cuisine (a mix of Italian, Slovenian and Austrian culinary traditions), so much different from the typical Mediterranean cuisine. Travelling through the rolling hills of this region you will visit superb wineries, you will taste excellent wines, you will visit cheese farms producing excellent cheese and, of course, you will visit the small village of San Daniele del Friuli, home of the superb San Daniele ham. Private excursions will let you discover Trieste, a awesome Mitteleuropean town, overlooking the Adriatic sea and Udine an elegant town, an hidden treasure of art that will stupefy you with the several elegant Palaces, Churches from Venetian Republic.


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